Commercial Cleaning Canberra


BCS Cleaning Service in Canberra is well recognised in the commercial cleaning industry as a leader having conducted business in the commercial cleaning industry successfully for over 25 years.  We recognise commercial cleaning needs to be individualised which is why we specialise in custom cleaning solutions.

BCS Cleaning Maintenance can provide its commercial clients with a range of services including on-going after hours cleaning staff, specialised day cleaning requirements, and for specific sites, dedicated on-site supervision and management personnel. Additionally, BCS Cleaning Maintenance has the capabilities to provide for a range of consumable and washroom services.

We understand you may not need our commercial cleaning services your everyday needs. That’s why, we offer flexible and tailored cleaning plans, providing your organisation with options to customise the cleaning requirements that best suited to your workplace.

Cleaning your office or workspace shouldn’t stop you from getting your work done. With BCS Cleaning Maintenance as part of your team, your work place will feel and look better, you can expect to work in a safe and sanitary environment every day. Our trusted and dedicated team of professionals will ensure that you receive the highest cleaning standards.

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Commercial Cleaning Canberra